Enough Rest, Now Get to Doin’!

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of rest in your workout schedule. I also called the Little Voice in our heads a stupid dickface. I stand by both of those statements today and forever. Another statement I’ll stand by is this: do not let your rest day become a rest week.

You know what I’m talking about. You feel sore on your rest day–probably because you’re just starting out, and your body is just getting used to your new-found physicality–and that soreness spills over into the day after. So, what do you do? Right! You stay home again, thinking that another day of rest is just what you need. Unless you’ve sustained an injury (sprained ankle, twisted knee, pus-filled nipple, etc.) the best thing you can do for yourself is get back in the gym and do some work.

“But Mike, if I go back to the gym and work that sore body part again, won’t it just get more sore?” 

Well, yeah, it would, but you’re not going to be working that body part again so soon, are you? Let’s say you did a legs workout on Monday, and on Tuesday (your rest day in this scenario) your legs are sore from hip to toe. When Wednesday comes around, it’ll be time for a back/bicep or chest/triceps or abs/shoulders workout. See the magic here? Your legs might be sore, but you can still get your hobbled ass in the gym and work a different part of your body. Hell, in MiseryJames Caan was able to get in upper body workouts after Kathy Bates crushed his legs with a fucking sledgehammerGranted, he was either wheeling himself around in a wheelchair or crawling around on the floor trying to escape from the clutches of a crazy psycho bitch, but I’ll tell you one thing he wasn’t doing:

Letting his rest day turn into a rest week.

Making the effort to get back in the gym, even when sore, will not only build your strength and endurance, but will serve as a huge boost to your confidence. In working a different section of your body, you’ll be giving the sore section time to rest and be ready for its next workout, which will more than likely be the next week. Stick to your schedule, and be consistent. Or, as the Mustache Man would say, “Keep doin’.” If James Caan can manage to find the motivation to get in a workout with decimated legs, then so can you.


2 responses to “Enough Rest, Now Get to Doin’!

  1. Intense soreness only lasts for the first few weeks. After that you can “feel it” without walking weird. 🙂 Keep up both the workouts and the blog posts. Humor flows from you like water from a spring.

  2. Dude, I so envy your wit. Misery references?! I have felt like cobbled-ass James Caan before. Hain’t no fun. Keep it up, bubby. I’m rootin for ya.

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