Good Links: Trying Not to Be Fat

As much as I’d like to think so after kicking the gym’s ass, I’m not the only person in America who’s trying to get fit. Every day, millions of people get out and make an effort to get in shape, or stay that way. Of those millions, several of them are bloggers who have chosen to document their respective journeys in the public domain–a fear-inducing endeavor that shows a passion for their own well-being, but also places an enormous amount of pressure to produce not just at the gym, but online as well. Every so often, I’d like to share a blog or website that either helps me on my way, or shows somebody else en route to their goals. Y’know, because what’s better for a person in a potentially high-pressure situation than to have more people stare at them?

With that in mind, the inaugural Good Links bump goes to…Trying Not to Be Fat!

This girl–who only goes by L–is a good writer, and very funny. She mixes it up with the post format, sharing  food pictures, gym playlists, recipes, and questionnaires. Did I mention she currently has the best header picture of all time?

Yeah, she totally does.

If you like following fitness blogs–if not, why the fuck are you reading this?–and you want to read posts by a short, sassy,  & smart female, then do yourself a favor and check out Trying Not to Be Fat. You’ll thank me, and you’ll love her.


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