Good Links: Run Eat Repeat

Alright, Mudder Lovers, time to share some more link love and spread the word on another blog that I enjoy. This issue of Good Links belongs to Run Eat Repeat.

Monica, the blog’s author, lives in southern California. Having four years of posts under her belt, she’s made through what seems like seventeen lifetimes in the blogosphere. She’s incredibly consistent not just with her posts, but with her workouts. She runs more than any sane person has a right to. She’s even planning on running two half-marathons on back-to-back days in June.

I know what you’re thinking–lady’s on crack. Well, maybe, but all the evidence suggests that the only (known) addiction she has is Starbucks. For those of you who do better with visuals, every post on Run Eat Repeat is loaded with photos of everything from breakfasts and lunches, to compression socks and bunny cakes.

She also does giveaways from time to time (note to self: should I do this?). I know this not just because I read faithfully, but also because I won a case of Bare Fruit Dried Cherries a couple of weeks ago! (note to you: if you want to check out their product and your local grocer doesn’t stock it, you can purchase on their website–neat, huh?)

Run Eat Repeat has a permanent spot in my blogroll, and for good reason. The posting frequency is more than I can write, but it never feels like overkill. I look forward to each post, and I never feel let down–though I often feel like a fucking chump when I realize that she’s running 437 miles a day and I’m sitting in my damn computer chair. Nevertheless, my self-loathing and inability to run from one side a McDonald’s to the other will not cloud my thinking–this blog gets a big thumbs up from this bearded mudder fudder.


2 responses to “Good Links: Run Eat Repeat

  1. Nice!! I’m checking it riiight noooow.

  2. I am fully in support of you doing giveaways, just for the record.

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