“Off Day” My Ass

Today is my first of two consecutive days off from work. Just because I’m off from work doesn’t mean I’m being a lazy fuck, though. In addition to getting out to the gym today, I have a full docket at home. There is much cleaning to do around the house, including a battle against a life-size replica of Mt. Doom made entirely of dirty laundry.

Breakfast (at 2:30 PM, because I was so busy cleaning my desk area I forgot to eat) was an awesome green smoothie. Spinach, blueberry Greek yogurt, milk, and a banana. Simple, and very tasty. I find that a smaller breakfast works better than a larger one for me. Don’t get me wrong–every now and then, I love waking up and demolishing every breakfast food known to man. For most mornings, though, a bowl of cereal or a smoothie works just fine.

I’m slowly getting it through my thick skull that, if I want to be in top shape for Tough Mudder, I can’t rely on exercise alone. I’m going to need to change up my eating habits. I’m a big fan of the “if I don’t buy it, I can’t eat it” method. Maybe I should just spend time throughout the week making a “healthy” grocery list? It’d be a lot better than the method I have now, which is to go to the store as soon as my paycheck hits the bank and buy the things I want at that moment, with no regard to weekly meals, health, or even logic.

Today is a B-day for SL5x5. I’ll be updating my Fitocracy page post-workout–be sure to check it out!


One response to ““Off Day” My Ass

  1. Days off are meant for not moving, either watching movies or playing video games. At least a good portion of it anyway. Why work when you can’t enjoy some of your time off?

    And eating healthy is a huuuge part of it. You can do it! Once it becomes habit it’s so easy. I remember a time when I loathed wraps, now I eat them almost every day at work.

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