Food Tracking with The Daily Plate

I believe that, in order to be healthy, one has to focus on three things: exercise, eating, and sleep. Getting regular physical activity helps you build endurance and muscle, and also helps burn fat; eating a consistent, healthy diet will help fuel your body while keeping you from swelling to the size of a weather balloon; and sleeping–aside from being totally fucking awesome–gives your body a chance to rest and repair itself.

I’ve been focusing a bit more on eating lately. There are various ways we silly humans have devised to keep track of what we eat. Whether you commit to a certain number of meals a day, are on one of numerous diets floating around on the internet, or only eat at certain times of day, anyone trying to get fit probably has some sort of system for the way the eat. After doing a bit of research, I’ve decided to track my daily calorie intake. For that purpose, I use The Daily Plate over at

The set-up was pretty simple–you can even connect with your Facebook account. You input your gender, height, weight, and your weight loss goal, and based on either science or jungle voodoo, it pops out a daily caloric goal. Pretty nifty. Tracking is easy, too–you just search for the food you’re eating (you can even go brand-specific), choose the number of servings you had, and click the “I Ate This” button. You can also note what time of day you ate a particular food, if that’s a sort of thing you care about taking note of.

Tracking calories hasn’t been hard. Granted, I’ve been doing less than a week, so maybe I’ll have a forgetful day soon. I just make it a point to input what I’m eating while I’m eating, just before or just after. Makes it easier, and my results are better. I don’t stress about it. I find that I think less about food when I’m bored, now that I’m tracking what I eat–that seems weird, but that’s the way it is.

Anybody else tracking calories out there? Sound off!


8 responses to “Food Tracking with The Daily Plate

  1. It is true that it would help a lot if you don’t stress yourself about it. Just enjoy what you are doing; It is always fun to love the idea of meeting your goals. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. You knows it, guuurl(dudebro). Are you using the internet version or smart phone? I find I never forget since I use my phone, and my phone is always in my hands or very close while I eat.

  3. I track using myfitnesspal app, I love it. If I didn’t have the goal to aim for, I’d just keep eating. My favorite things about myfitnesspal are that you can scan barcodes and link up with friends so you have a facebook-esque feed and can comment on each others progress. Love these apps!

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