Rage Workouts

Mudder Lovers, I’m not going to lie to you–I’m capable of getting incredibly angry. It doesn’t happen very often, for which I’m very thankful. On the other hand, because I don’t get truly angry very often, when it does happen it’s a very powerful thing.

Kind of like this, only more facial hair.

I guess shit builds up. Work is what gets to most of us, I’d imagine. Regardless of where your stress or anger comes from, though, it always comes. When I get a build-up, I like to go for a rage workout.

What is a rage workout? Well, it’s pretty much any workout where you head to the gym more ready to blow a gasket than the lovechild of John McEnroe and Bobby Knight.  What’s really weird about a rage workout, though, is how goddamned great I feel after I’m done. I mean, really. I hate that it takes being angry to achieve that feeling, but there are few things on this earth as wonderful as the post-rage-workout high.

Who else likes blowing off steam in the gym? Let me know in the comments.


2 responses to “Rage Workouts

  1. I hear ya. I know that awesome feeling too. If I’m having guy troubles or whatever, I take it to track and bleachers.

  2. ^ Agreed. The best workouts are definitely rage workouts. Nothing like letting out some steam and training to look good at the same time. ^_^

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