Crossover Thinking

In the course of my training to get muddy and kill myself, I’ve found that a lot of what I do in the gym crosses over to what I do in life. Mostly the mental stuff. I feel more motivated. More concentrated. More alive, really. I’m not gonna say anything like, “The sky seems bluer” or “That plastic bag floating around really does sum up our lives,” but I feel a hell of a lot better than when I was eating garbage food all day and not exercising.

I find it’s beneficial to take ideas from one part of my life and put them somewhere else. It gives me a different perspective, which is often what I need to fix problems or gain clarity on an issue. In other words, staying open-minded and engaging in lateral thinking allows me to be a better me.

Because I’m still a beginner, my footing is still shaky, and sometimes I slip. But, that’s okay. It happens. If you slip, regain your balance then continue moving forward.


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