Yesterday, I had my first gym failure.

I was under the bench at 125 pounds. I got the first three sets easy, and the fourth set came with a bit of struggle. The fifth set, I really thought I could get it. I took a longer break, got some water, then took a deep breath and positioned myself under the bar.

1, 2…3…..4…….fuck.

I know, training is about building endurance and sometimes you fail but just get back on the horse blah blah goddamn. I know that outside of the gym. But inside the gym, I hated failing. Hated. It really burned me up. Putting the weight back on the rack, with the assistance of my spotter after having NOT completed everything I set out to do, was upsetting.

But, I’ll get it soon. I refuse to be ten short of a plate for eternity.

I’m done bitching, Mudder Lovers. Keep training, and keep your head up.


3 responses to “Failure

  1. Congrats! You pushed yourself to the limit. I wish I could do that.

  2. I was going to write something cliche and supportive but the other comment got “push it to the limit” stuck in my head.

    Don’t do something silly and hurt yourself, dude!

  3. Yeah, be safe, but I know the feeling. The great thing about that “failure” (an awful word) is that it’s going to push to push you to reach your goal and probably exceed it. You’re going to feel f-ing amazing once you do. You may even walk with a little pep in your step. Stay strong!

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