Push Through

Today sucked. Today was also huge. A very stressful day at work (combined with a strong desire to drive the 140 miles it would take to see my lady) made for an “off” feeling all day.

By the end of it, I just wanted to go home, push the reset button, and start again tomorrow. I had my gym bag packed and in my truck, but I was thinking about driving past the gym and saying ‘fuck it.’ Thankfully, I was able to guilt myself into going and busting out two miles of walk/jog. I’m very glad I did. Being in an off mood is no excuse for missing a workout, especially when you have the clothes and the time to bust a little ass.

I’m proud of myself for pushing through a mental wall, and making the effort to sweat a bit. I’m better and stronger for it. Fuck waiting–good things come to those who work.


One response to “Push Through

  1. Wicked!! I’ve had to do that a few times, but it always proves worth it in the end. Except right now. If I worked out with this flu I would straight up DIE.

    and I’ve made no arrangements for my funeral or anything!

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