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Eating Better, Feeling Better

Early morning. One cup of coffee and a banana for breakfast. Sounds small because it is. But it’s enough to stop my stomach from rumbling, which is all I need in the morning. I should probably eat more, but it’s difficult.

That last sentence is actually a theme running through each of my days. As funny as it sounds, I don’t think I’m eating enough. I think it’s a leftover sentiment from the days when I would eat too much garbage food. Each item had a boatload of calories and guilt attached. Now, with the better, real food that I’m eating, I struggle to eat as much as I need. I keep hearing Little Voice saying things like, “You’re eating again?!” Even when it’s a stick of celery or something.

What a twat that guy is.

Fact is, eating healthy (in my mind) means eating real food, and eating enough to sustain myself. If that means eating more frequently, then fine. It’s not like I’m hitting the drive-thru six times a day. (Six times? Even at Taco Bell, that would be expensive.)

I’ve been looking at the search terms people use when they land on this blog. As you might expect, most of them are looking for ‘tough mudder training’ or a workout that will help them get into TM shape. Understandable, but I doubt that this will ever turn into that. This is just me documenting my progress toward a goal, and the thoughts/feelings that go along with that progress. From time to time, I may post a workout on here, but it would be more of an interest of mine than a prescription for you.

Enough for now. I think I’ve convinced myself to have a snack.


Workout Gear: Reebok Realflex Transition

Obnoxiously bright, but what the hell.

I got a lot of questions about the shoes I picked up yesterday. Never thought that so many people on the Internet would care about what’s on my feet, and to be honest I feel kind of dirty. Nevertheless, I aim to please, so here’s your info.

They are Reebok Realflex Transition shoes (take a peek at ’em here, or search for them). I went with the Frenchy Blue/Sunrock/White color combo, although the Gravel/Flat Gray/Maximum Orange might have been more Tough Mudder-y of me. I found a good deal for them on Finish Line’s website, but because I range anywhere from a size 13 to size 15, I never have confidence buying online. Hoping to snag a pair in person, I made my way over to Dick’s on my lunch break. They did have a size 13, which fit like a glove (thankfully), but they wanted about $30 more for them, so I walked out of that piece and called the Finish Line store at the Fayette Mall to see if they might have the shoe in my size and color. They did, and they were able to do an online price match–something Dick’s wasn’t able to do for a competitor–so Finish Line got the business. As I walked out of the store, I could feel the presence of my mom, sister, and girlfriend congratulating me on my $30 savings. Thanks, ladies.What makes this shoe a great training shoe? From a technical standpoint, I don’t know. The television ads and website promos will list the features, adornments, upgrades, and all other sorts of shit for hours on end. In all of that, I’m sure there’s something that makes them objectively. I’m just not knowledgeable enough (about either shoes or running) to tell you what that is. I can, however, say what it is I like about them. They’re light on my feet, and they provide excellent support. My old shoes felt squishy, and every step I took made me feel like I was unstable. My first run in the Realflex shoes was last night, and I noticed an immediate difference. Part of that might be because they’re new shoes, part of that might be because I’ve lost twenty pounds since the last time I was actually running, and part of that might be because I was running outside instead of inside. Again, I don’t know what exactly was at work. I just know that it felt different, and it felt much better.

I’ll say that, when it comes to gear, I don’t know much. I just do my research, weed out the good stuff from the bullshit, and go with what I feel will work best for me. With that in mind, remember that no matter what I say about any piece of equipment on here, it’s just my opinion. What works for me may not work for you. Read up, try things out, go with your gut, and do some trial and error. You’ll end up not only with equipment you love, but with the knowledge you gained along the way.

They Look Like Comfortable Shoes

Today was a victory. I feel this way, even though I had to work on my off day.

Last night, I had trouble sleeping. So I wrote a letter to my love while Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was playing in the background. I’ve seen it before, and wanted to watch something to give me a kick in the ass. Mission accomplished.

I woke up this morning and had a green juice–meant to have some coffee too, but was running late so I just had a few sips. On my lunch break at work, I went to try on some cross trainers. I ended up having a carrot/orange juice blend and another sip or few of coffee due to time constraints. After leaving work, I went to buy the shoes and grabbed a five fruit frenzy from Jamba Juice. Tasty stuff.

I drank my smoothie on the patio at Pazzo’s (a pizza pub) without sipping a beer or taking a bite of anyone’s food. After sitting with my friends for a few minutes, I had the strangest itch–

I wanted to run.

I rushed home, changed into my workout gear and new shoes, and took off. Sure, I wasn’t the fastest, but I worked my ass off. Hills, grass, gravel, concrete, I tried it all. Nobody pushing me, nobody coaching me,just me. Little Voice wanted to go home. And he got his wish…after an hour of the hardest work I’ve done so far.

Surprisingly, I felt great when I got home, despite running without having really eaten all day. I did put some food in my belly, as well as some green goodness and a few sips of chia gel. I feel great at the moment, and I’m sure that I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.

This healthy shit isn’t so bad.

Training Like a ’70s Champ

The structure is dead. Long live the structure.

For anyone who hopes to do a Tough Mudder, this video is required watching.

That’s pretty goddamned impressive. It has everything you’d want (or at least, that I’d want) in a training video: badass music, mustache, green smoothie, ridiculous feats of strength and stability, perseverance, and more mustache. It’s the video that made me decide to work toward completing a Tough Mudder challenge. Maybe it will do the same for you. Or maybe you’ll just keep watching it over and over, wondering how the hell he does some of the things he does. Either way, I hope you find some use for it.