Full Measure

In efforts to change things up a bit, I’m going to be part of a training group from October 1st until December 21st. The idea is to increase accountability in order to accomplish short-term goals. Pretty nifty. I won’t write about anyone else’s progress–it’s a secret group of sorts, and I don’t want to put anyone else’s personal information out in public–but I’ll update you on what progress I make.

Part of the group ‘requires’ that we take our measurements. Because I’m a guy, two thoughts instantly came to mind:

1.) I’ll just measure my waist.
2.) Wait, I shouldn’t have to measure my waist–my pant size will tell me everything I need to know!

I still stand by the first bit (because fuck it, that’s why) but the second bit didn’t hold up for very long. The reason I thought it should be simple is because men’s pants are supposedly sized very simply (waist circumference x inseam). I noticed, however, that although all of my pants are listed the same size, each pair fits differently. So I broke down, got a measuring tape, and took my waist measurement. The result was more than a bit shocking.

My waist measured 52 inches. Fifty fucking two. I checked, and double-checked, and read to make sure I measured using the correct method. Yep, I did. That’s no good, but it wasn’t the worst part. My pants? Totally a size 42. That’s a difference of ten inches, for the mathematically impaired. Goddammit.

Lots of shit needs to change, and there’s plenty to rant about. For now, though, I’m just focusing on the work. Mud on, Mudder Lovers.


2 responses to “Full Measure

  1. nnobody but old men like me wears pants at the waist any more. numbers are just numbers though. Feel Good. Be Good. Do Good. Eat Food.

  2. Cracking up at your Mudder journey…was training for one myself before I got sidelined with a knee injury…gonna start again in the new year if I get cleared by the ortho I’ve been avoiding making an appointment with. Anyway, trying to convince friends to join in the fun, and I googled “couch to mudder” and found you. Hilarious…gonna have to go back to the beginning and read. But we sound like kinda kindred spirits–I blogged about mine, too, and the break-up that led me to try to survive that crazy race in the first place. toughmudderdeath.blogspot.com. There are tales of chin-up-bar installations gone awry and snake killing and tattoos. Anyway, good luck to you. Gonna sign up to follow you and see where you end up.

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