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Consistency Wins Championships, Unless…

As most men are, my dad was a huge sports fan. Basketball, football, baseball, MMA–he’d watch it all. One of my earliest sports-related memories: my dad came back from the video store with the very first UFC competition, just for my brother and me–much to my mother’s chagrin. I believe I was nine years old.

This exposure to sports continued on into my adulthood. During my trips home in college, it was very normal for Dad to catch me in the kitchen and say, “Hey Mike, come in here and take a look at this.” I’d head to the living room at around 11:30PM, and we’d stay up watching [insert any sport here] until 3AM or so.

Another thing Dad had in common with most men was that he didn’t pull punches when it came to giving the commentators hell over saying something stupid. Generally speaking, there are times during any sporting event when it seems the guys doing the talking are just saying words to hear how great they sound. And for this, we men gladly make fun of them. Dad was one of the best at it–incredibly witty, and always ready to make an ass out of somebody. There was one time, though, when something Dad initially said as a jab actually turned into a discussion that has stayed with me to this day, and will continue to be a motivator. The initial exchange went a little something like this:

Commentator: “Consistency is the key to winning championships.”
Dad: “Yeah, unless you suck ass. Then you just suck more ass.”

We had a good laugh at that one, but not because what the announcer had said was stupid. This might not make sense, but it was funny because what Dad had said was incredibly true. You can be consistent and do the same thing every day, but if the thing you do is losing–well, then you’ll be a loser. Dad and I talked about how it wasn’t being consistent that was key, it was about being consistently good.

If you sit at home every day, you’ll never get in shape. If you eat the same shitty foods, you’ll have the same shitty body. On the other hand, if you hit the gym/track/trail consistently, make the effort to put good food in your body, and put forth the same effort each time you work out, then you will succeed. My personal observation is that, just by walking through the gym doors, I increase my motivation and my chance at success by more than double. The hardest part, then, is actually getting out there and putting in the work. Making the effort to make the effort.

Don’t settle for being consistent; make the effort to be consistently good.