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Good Links: I Came to Get Down

The last week or two, I’ve struggled with my journey. Mudder Lovers, I’m not bullshitting you when I say that the road ahead is difficult. It’s hard to keep working when you don’t see the results you want as quick as you’d like.

My dad used to say, “Son, take care of the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.” That statement is all about not reaching the goal, but about building the habit. Focus on taking one day at a time, and you will eventually get to where you want to go.

Anyhoo, during my downtime, I’ve been reading a really fun blog written by a really fun guy. The blog is I Came to Get Down, and it’s documenting a journey undertaken by the writer, Tony Flags, to slim down. Quick posts, but they pack a lot of punch. Milestones, emotions–they’re in here. It’s like a public journal about a struggle that, for some, can be a private hell. I Came to Get Down is, to me, one man talking about his way out of said hell, but he’s doing it all cool-like while sippin’ a brew. Because he can. Because Tony Flags is cooler than the other side of the pillow on ice in Alaska with Ice Cube drinkin’ a Coors Light. Check it out, get motivated, and get to work!


Good Links: Stronglifts

A few days ago, I talked about my quest for strength. Along the way, I mentioned the program I’m using to build my strength. Today, I thought I’d take time to give some Good Link love to

I actually stumbled upon Stronglifts about a year or so ago. Being the big comic book nerd that I am, and loving Marvel much more than DC–suck it, Christian Bale–I went to see Thor during its opening weekend.  I was impressed at the transformation that Chris Hemsworth had gone through in order to become the God of Thunder.

No, not that God of Thunder. But, he's a damn fine one.

Curious as to how Hemsworth went from fitness model to fucking huge, I Googled “Thor workout”–because that’s not weird. One of the first hits that came up was a link to this article on Stronglifts. In addition to having a before-and-after photo set that made me hate myself, the article talked about a simple strength training plan. “Strength training? Simple?” I thought. “You stupid fucks.” And yet, I clicked the link anyway–what does that make me? After an hour of getting lost in the blog, I decided to give the 5×5 program a shot. I’ll admit to some skepticism in the beginning–mostly due to all the hype I’d heard about isolation exercises, and seeing that this program was devoted entirely to compound workouts. But, I became a believer after to putting SL5x5 to the test, and seeing my numbers go up each workout.

On May 1, 2007–hey, five-year anniversary!–Medhi Hadim started as a functional alternative to all the garbage websites he was coming across in his own quest for strength. He states on his About page:

My mentor who showed me how to Squat told me to start a website about how to gain strength and muscle while losing fat… I realized there was indeed a desperate need for such a website, free of all the usual bullshit and broscience, and so I launched…

I’ll be the first to admit that the writing style–and indeed, a good bit of the posts–can be very infomercial-esque. I’m going to chalk that up to English being Medhi’s second language (he’s a native of Belgium)–what might sound like a sincere selling point to him makes us oversold, overadvertised Americans think, “Yeah, yeah, and Ron Popeil’s my fucking uncle.” Once you get past the style, you’ll find plenty of good posts on strength training–including variations on the 5×5 workout–eating, and testimonials.

If you’re a cardio buff, you won’t find love here. But, for those of you looking to bulk up and get stronger, check out

Good Links: Run Eat Repeat

Alright, Mudder Lovers, time to share some more link love and spread the word on another blog that I enjoy. This issue of Good Links belongs to Run Eat Repeat.

Monica, the blog’s author, lives in southern California. Having four years of posts under her belt, she’s made through what seems like seventeen lifetimes in the blogosphere. She’s incredibly consistent not just with her posts, but with her workouts. She runs more than any sane person has a right to. She’s even planning on running two half-marathons on back-to-back days in June.

I know what you’re thinking–lady’s on crack. Well, maybe, but all the evidence suggests that the only (known) addiction she has is Starbucks. For those of you who do better with visuals, every post on Run Eat Repeat is loaded with photos of everything from breakfasts and lunches, to compression socks and bunny cakes.

She also does giveaways from time to time (note to self: should I do this?). I know this not just because I read faithfully, but also because I won a case of Bare Fruit Dried Cherries a couple of weeks ago! (note to you: if you want to check out their product and your local grocer doesn’t stock it, you can purchase on their website–neat, huh?)

Run Eat Repeat has a permanent spot in my blogroll, and for good reason. The posting frequency is more than I can write, but it never feels like overkill. I look forward to each post, and I never feel let down–though I often feel like a fucking chump when I realize that she’s running 437 miles a day and I’m sitting in my damn computer chair. Nevertheless, my self-loathing and inability to run from one side a McDonald’s to the other will not cloud my thinking–this blog gets a big thumbs up from this bearded mudder fudder.

Good Links: Trying Not to Be Fat

As much as I’d like to think so after kicking the gym’s ass, I’m not the only person in America who’s trying to get fit. Every day, millions of people get out and make an effort to get in shape, or stay that way. Of those millions, several of them are bloggers who have chosen to document their respective journeys in the public domain–a fear-inducing endeavor that shows a passion for their own well-being, but also places an enormous amount of pressure to produce not just at the gym, but online as well. Every so often, I’d like to share a blog or website that either helps me on my way, or shows somebody else en route to their goals. Y’know, because what’s better for a person in a potentially high-pressure situation than to have more people stare at them?

With that in mind, the inaugural Good Links bump goes to…Trying Not to Be Fat!

This girl–who only goes by L–is a good writer, and very funny. She mixes it up with the post format, sharing  food pictures, gym playlists, recipes, and questionnaires. Did I mention she currently has the best header picture of all time?

Yeah, she totally does.

If you like following fitness blogs–if not, why the fuck are you reading this?–and you want to read posts by a short, sassy,  & smart female, then do yourself a favor and check out Trying Not to Be Fat. You’ll thank me, and you’ll love her.