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Good Links: Stronglifts

A few days ago, I talked about my quest for strength. Along the way, I mentioned the program I’m using to build my strength. Today, I thought I’d take time to give some Good Link love to

I actually stumbled upon Stronglifts about a year or so ago. Being the big comic book nerd that I am, and loving Marvel much more than DC–suck it, Christian Bale–I went to see Thor during its opening weekend.  I was impressed at the transformation that Chris Hemsworth had gone through in order to become the God of Thunder.

No, not that God of Thunder. But, he's a damn fine one.

Curious as to how Hemsworth went from fitness model to fucking huge, I Googled “Thor workout”–because that’s not weird. One of the first hits that came up was a link to this article on Stronglifts. In addition to having a before-and-after photo set that made me hate myself, the article talked about a simple strength training plan. “Strength training? Simple?” I thought. “You stupid fucks.” And yet, I clicked the link anyway–what does that make me? After an hour of getting lost in the blog, I decided to give the 5×5 program a shot. I’ll admit to some skepticism in the beginning–mostly due to all the hype I’d heard about isolation exercises, and seeing that this program was devoted entirely to compound workouts. But, I became a believer after to putting SL5x5 to the test, and seeing my numbers go up each workout.

On May 1, 2007–hey, five-year anniversary!–Medhi Hadim started as a functional alternative to all the garbage websites he was coming across in his own quest for strength. He states on his About page:

My mentor who showed me how to Squat told me to start a website about how to gain strength and muscle while losing fat… I realized there was indeed a desperate need for such a website, free of all the usual bullshit and broscience, and so I launched…

I’ll be the first to admit that the writing style–and indeed, a good bit of the posts–can be very infomercial-esque. I’m going to chalk that up to English being Medhi’s second language (he’s a native of Belgium)–what might sound like a sincere selling point to him makes us oversold, overadvertised Americans think, “Yeah, yeah, and Ron Popeil’s my fucking uncle.” Once you get past the style, you’ll find plenty of good posts on strength training–including variations on the 5×5 workout–eating, and testimonials.

If you’re a cardio buff, you won’t find love here. But, for those of you looking to bulk up and get stronger, check out