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Squats: A Love/Hate Relationship

Yesterday was my first day in the gym in a long time. The program I’m doing calls for squats every day. I love squats. I also hate squats. 

I love squats because they work the full body, including all the little stabilizer muscles that nobody ever thinks about. I do ass-to-grass squats to make sure I’m developing not just my quadriceps, but my hamstrings, glutes, and hips as well. I also feel like a real badass when I get down with all that weight and bring it right back up. 

I hate squats because I definitely feel that I’ve done them the next day, and even the day after. When I take an extended break from working out, squats remind me how bad an idea that was by making my body feel like Jell-O. Additionally, the only two times I’ve ever been hurt in the gym were while I was squatting. Those injuries were related to poor form, but it’s something I remember each time I get under the bar. The only thing worse than getting sidelined by laziness is getting sidelined by preventable injury.

Hopefully, my love of the squat will eclipse my hate of the pain and weariness that comes with it. Restarting this journey hasn’t been the easiest decision, physically or mentally, but it has to get done. In addition to completing a Tough Mudder, I have a new target in my crosshairs–one I’ll talk more about on Friday. 


Back in Business

It’s been quite a while, but I’m back on the blog. Things I have lined up include a look at my training schedule, analyzing what I eat, the occasional personal post, and shout outs to things/people/blogs that motivate/inspire/otherwise affect what I write here.

You’ve been neglected, dwindling readership. No longer. 

Tumble Dry

I’ve been busy posting on Tumblr, and not here. My bad, folks.

I’ve done a gym switch, and I’m back to strength training after a bout with injury and laziness. That’s all you’ve missed, really. I’ll be sure to start posting workouts and other stuff here as well as Tumblr.

Battle of the Bulge

Two weeks ago, my workplace started a weight-loss competition. It’s our office versus another office, and it’s based on percentage of weight lost. The competition lasts for three months total. The winning office gets a cookout–which, isn’t that fucking hysterical?–and the top performer from each office wins $500.

Five. Hundred. Fucking. Dollars. Yes, please.

To claim this magnificent prize, and get closer to TM status, I’ve become much more hardcore with calorie tracking. I’ve switched from The Daily Plate to MyFitnessPal, mainly because of the interface. And by interface, I mean HOW AWESOME IS THAT BARCODE SCANNER TO ADD FOOD, AMIRITE?!

Ahem…I’m also looking for a C25K app so I can get my digital run on and track my progress. I figure I should harness the motivation to track calories, and transfer some of it to building up my running endurance.

The only downside to this whole competition thing is that I have to weigh myself once a week. I’m not really a big fan of the scale, as it makes me start playing the numbers game in my head. I’m even particular about which scale I weight myself on–the gym I’m a member of has three locations, and I sincerely believe that two of them hire a leprechaun to stand on the scale behind you when you get on. On the plus side, I’ve actually lost ten pounds in the last two weeks, which is more than I’d done in the past couple months of training. That timeframe includes a trip back home, where I usually eat like shit. I don’t believe I can keep that level of progress up–that’d be 20 pounds a month, which isn’t healthy–but I believe I can keep my weight trending down.

I’ll try to keep you posted on the competition. And if I win the grand prize, I’ll be sure to gloat and boast and brag a bunch in a special post.

Keep workin’, Mudder Lovers.

Back from Vacation, Back in the Gym

My first day back from vacation, and I’ve already been back to the gym. Motivation, motherfuckers.

New posts will resume tomorrow. Upcoming topics include dissecting success, and the Tough Mudder pledge.

Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

Attention, darling fans!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be on vacation for the next week (go on, start being jealous). Sadly, there won’t be any posts until next week. I’m thinking Tuesday.

While I’m gone, feel free to check out the links in my blogroll, or re-read the previous posts. Or, I suppose you could do none of that. Whatever. I’ll still be on vacation.

See you soon, mudder lovers.