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The Quest for Strength

Let’s cut the bullshit and get this little tidbit out that: I’m not a strong guy. Never really have been. Aside from my legs–which are only strong because they’ve had to carry my heavy ass all over this earth–I’m a lot weaker than you think I’d be by looking at me.

With that bit of knowledge in mind and knowing that, even at rest, muscle has a (slightly) higher basal metabolic rate that fat, it made sense for me to start building up muscle. Not like Ronnie Coleman (that much muscle is gross, and the motherfucker juices more than Jack LaLanne). Just a base level of muscle that will increase my strength–and the added benefit of a better physique is a nice bonus.

I could totally see this being me. As an Irish cartoon janitor.

For those curious, I’ve started using the Stronglifts version of the famed 5×5 workout. 5×5 is short for doing an exercise using five sets, with five reps in each set. The goal of this format is to gain strength and muscle–two things I desperately need, as I’m woefully inadequate in both areas. No joke, I’m pretty sure a troop of Girl Scouts could beat my ass right now. They’ll probably lure me in with those goddamn cookies…bitches.

I’ll be the first to admit that the way the Stronglifts site is written sounds like a fucking infomercial. But, it’s a program that works. I actually did this program for a couple of months last summer, and I could seeĀ and feel the results. My numbers went up on each of the exercises–of which there are only five–and I felt more agile. I’m excited to give this program another shot, now that I’m motivated and have a long-termĀ goal to achieve.

Do you have a long-term goal? What is it, and what steps are you taking to achieve it? Sound off in the comments, Mudder Lovers.