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Squats: A Love/Hate Relationship

Yesterday was my first day in the gym in a long time. The program I’m doing calls for squats every day. I love squats. I also hate squats. 

I love squats because they work the full body, including all the little stabilizer muscles that nobody ever thinks about. I do ass-to-grass squats to make sure I’m developing not just my quadriceps, but my hamstrings, glutes, and hips as well. I also feel like a real badass when I get down with all that weight and bring it right back up. 

I hate squats because I definitely feel that I’ve done them the next day, and even the day after. When I take an extended break from working out, squats remind me how bad an idea that was by making my body feel like Jell-O. Additionally, the only two times I’ve ever been hurt in the gym were while I was squatting. Those injuries were related to poor form, but it’s something I remember each time I get under the bar. The only thing worse than getting sidelined by laziness is getting sidelined by preventable injury.

Hopefully, my love of the squat will eclipse my hate of the pain and weariness that comes with it. Restarting this journey hasn’t been the easiest decision, physically or mentally, but it has to get done. In addition to completing a Tough Mudder, I have a new target in my crosshairs–one I’ll talk more about on Friday. 


Crossover Thinking

In the course of my training to get muddy and kill myself, I’ve found that a lot of what I do in the gym crosses over to what I do in life. Mostly the mental stuff. I feel more motivated. More concentrated. More alive, really. I’m not gonna say anything like, “The sky seems bluer” or “That plastic bag floating around really does sum up our lives,” but I feel a hell of a lot better than when I was eating garbage food all day and not exercising.

I find it’s beneficial to take ideas from one part of my life and put them somewhere else. It gives me a different perspective, which is often what I need to fix problems or gain clarity on an issue. In other words, staying open-minded and engaging in lateral thinking allows me to be a better me.

Because I’m still a beginner, my footing is still shaky, and sometimes I slip. But, that’s okay. It happens. If you slip, regain your balance then continue moving forward.