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Eating Better, Feeling Better

Early morning. One cup of coffee and a banana for breakfast. Sounds small because it is. But it’s enough to stop my stomach from rumbling, which is all I need in the morning. I should probably eat more, but it’s difficult.

That last sentence is actually a theme running through each of my days. As funny as it sounds, I don’t think I’m eating enough. I think it’s a leftover sentiment from the days when I would eat too much garbage food. Each item had a boatload of calories and guilt attached. Now, with the better, real food that I’m eating, I struggle to eat as much as I need. I keep hearing Little Voice saying things like, “You’re eating again?!” Even when it’s a stick of celery or something.

What a twat that guy is.

Fact is, eating healthy (in my mind) means eating real food, and eating enough to sustain myself. If that means eating more frequently, then fine. It’s not like I’m hitting the drive-thru six times a day. (Six times? Even at Taco Bell, that would be expensive.)

I’ve been looking at the search terms people use when they land on this blog. As you might expect, most of them are looking for ‘tough mudder training’ or a workout that will help them get into TM shape. Understandable, but I doubt that this will ever turn into that. This is just me documenting my progress toward a goal, and the thoughts/feelings that go along with that progress. From time to time, I may post a workout on here, but it would be more of an interest of mine than a prescription for you.

Enough for now. I think I’ve convinced myself to have a snack.